After School Programs

Healthy Summer and After School Programs

We create educational tools that help children (grades K-12) learn life skills  through play. “Play Inspire Explore” is the mantra of Get Fit Eat Well. We work with parents, teachers, principals, and government to offer enriching classes and educational activities that complement school curricula and teach children about healthy food, conservation, peace, and critical thinking. Entertainment is the common medium that connects it all. 

Daily After-School Programs

The program is open from school dismissal (including on half days!) until 5:50 PM almost every day that school is in session, on/off site at your child's school.

Financial Aid and Sliding Scale Tuition 

Working parents with limited income in need of after-school childcare may apply for reduced tuition between July 1 and September 31. Find out more about eligibility information and application process, email 

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Young chefs learn essential kitchen skills, from measuring and converting fractions to slicing and chopping to sautéing and plating. We develop and encourage nutritious food choices while working together to prepare snacks and meals. Every class ends with a delicious treatS! 

*Note: Students do not take home food; it is all eaten in class.

Additional Fees: $130 per semester

Sports & Games

Most children entering kindergarten are not ready for full-on team sports. We use active games to introduce young children to fundamental sport skills, and get their bodies moving by running, jumping, throwing, and catching.

Music Club

Drawing from a variety of songs from classic jazz standards to pop tunes, we will teach students vocal production, singing and choreography. Classes introduce and develop rhythm, music theory, ear training and harmony.

Video Game Design

Teaching children how to design and program original games puts real-world skills into their hands, and lets them be producers, instead of just consumers, in the biggest media industry in the world.


This hands on-club offers the opportunity to explore proteins inside our body using coding. While engaged in project-based learning, Coding aims to improve confidence, interest in technology and digital media.

Fun with STEM

Students conduct hands-on experiments with materials from everyday life. Projects will include plants and animals, balls and ramps, paper airplanes, rockets and race cars, LEGO projects, and Kinex structures and vehicles.

Green Science: Energy, Ecology & the Environment

Students will learn all about ecosystems and how we can preserve them. From worm composting and recycling to green energy and sustainable power, students will explore how the world works, and what it will take to keep it going! Upper grades will participate in service projects at their schools and in the community.

World Kitchen I

Savor the foods that connect us all around the world. Learn how to prepare Sushi in Japan; how about Indian Dosa ?! World Kitchen will take your child on an adventure around the globe teaching them the techniques, customs and languages of different countries every month!

Additional Fees: $130

Chemistry Lab

The science lab at will be bubbling with curiosity as young scientists examine the reactions that everyday materials have when they combine or change state. This class will emphasize the fun of experimentation, while teaching the complexities of all matter, right down to the atomic level.

MY Runway Project

Students will sketch fashion figures, design fabrics, and create full lines of clothing, producing their own style books. Students will work toward an end of semester Fashion show featuring the design pieces they've worked on.

Coding and Minecraft 

Learn to program  by cracking open Minecraft and modifying the inner working of the game.


From Cookies, to Cakes to Cupcakes and Crapes; Student work with a professional pastry chef to learn the art of baking.

Additional Fees: $130 per semester

On Camera Acting

Working on age-appropriate scenes for film and TV, student actors transition from performing on stage to acting within a camera frame. Each week, the actors get to see their own work played back.

LEGO League

An introduction to the LEGO Robotics League, this course offers young students an opportunity to work with LEGO Mindstorms technology to build functional robots that can perform simple tasks.

Cake Decorating

Student work with a professional pastry chef to learn the art of cake decorating.

Additional Fees: $130 per semester

Improv Theater

Using games, quirky characters and ideas from the audience, students will learn the technique of building "short form" scenes on the spot.

Art: Printing, Pressing, Stamping

Printing presses, found objects, fruits and vegetables, wood blocks, wax resist… the list goes on! Children will create 2D and 3D works of art that will incorporate printmaking techniques.


Beginning with stories from their own lives and the world around them, students will learn to use visual images to tell stories and connect with an audience. Students will learn screenwriting, storyboarding, directing, cinematography and editing through producing their own films and participating in other students’ productions.

Fashion Art and Illustration

Students will sketch fashion figures, design fabrics, and create full lines of clothing, producing their own style books.

Spanish  (Beginner)

We offer beginner Spanish language classes. Students are introduced to foreign languages through songs, games, cultural activities, workbooks and art projects.

Additional Fees: $130

Iron Chefs!

Inspired by the popular TV show, this engaging cooking class will teach your child the best culinary techniques to cook efficiently with flavor and a little competition. Each week, students will be given a challenging concept and ingredient mix to prepare into a delicious dish. The winners will be chosen by the kids in our Friday Night program. Let the games begin!

Additional Fees: $130 Per Semester


We teach our  students how to be young entrepreneurs. Students will learn about financial literacy.

Homework Help

In addition to providing time and space for our counselors to help children with homework during the afternoon, we also offer a formal Homework Club, led by a school teacher, as a class choice for students who need extra help focusing on their assignments.



Parents  can bring their little ones to explore strength and gravity with silks and trapezes, enhance coordination through, play on the tight wire, and learn basic tumbling. 

Family Pilates: 

Your little ones are up early, and so are the Pilates Mamas! Join these dedicated Pilates professionals for a great workout for you that’s also a playtime for them! 

Family Yogis,

a 45 minute bonding experience for you and your 2 – 6 year old child (or children!). Integrating fitness, age appropriate spiritual exploration and just enough silly fun, this class designed to help children associate fitness with positive family time, setting them on the path for a healthy life. 

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