Contributing Physicians in Diabetes Clinical Trial

Participation Description

Doctors and other medical professionals submit these items to specific tests to ensure that they work efficiently and that they won't cause any adverse effects to the people who use them. These tests are called clinical trials, and they're designed to investigate the effects of Whole Food Plantbase Diet, Exercise .

Get Fit Eat Well Responsibility
Our clinical research associates are in charge of  trial protocol (in research parlance: the methodology), set up the lab or the centre that will be the location of the study, verify and collect the data that is used for and collected from the study, and, in the end, write the reports that present the final result of the study. Occasionally, this entails writing formal papers that will be printed in journals or as a release.

The role would involve reviewing and approving final study reports or other clinical documents among other responsibilities

• Provide medical leadership on project teams
• Provide medical/scientific consultation and therapeutic expertise i

• Oversee study specific medical/safety monitoring activities, ensuring compliance with ethical, legal, and regulatory standards.

• Serve as medical team leader on assigned projects
• Provide medical monitoring for clinical studies
• Provide medical oversight for serious adverse event reporting and tracking, and communication of safety issues to  staff, sponsors, and regulatory authorities
• Oversee and provide consultation for lab report review, safety review, and potential endpoint reporting, for clinical project.
• Review and approve protocols, case report forms, informed consent forms (when applicable), and other miscellaneous study documentation
• Coordinate review and approval of serious adverse event narratives
• Review and approve final study reports or other clinical documents
• Serve as part of the medical management team
• Represent  Medical Affairs at teleconferences and meetings
• Liaise with Sponsors regarding medical issues and medical consultation.

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