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GuruNischan Khalsa was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona in 3HO (the Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization), with Kundalini Yoga as the foundation of her everyday life.  Her parents were early student's of Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga teachings to the west in1969. She breathes and vibrates this foundational expansive consciousness at the cellular core of her being. As an Entrepreneur for almost 20 years, she is passionate about delivering innovative ways for making everyday life an elevated experience. 

She is a dynamic speaker and thought leader in the area of neuro-humanology, power dynamics, leadership development, personal achievement, sales and mindset training, holistic wellness, trauma release and ihealing through breath work, movement, and other modalities that impact the nervous system.  

GuruNischan will bring a breath of fresh air to your mind/body understanding and overall approach to optimal health and well-being.  She delivers tangible steps for igniting an inside/out transformative experience that is noticeable and lasting. 

Her passion for life is utterly contagious, as is her shining smile and electrifying personality.  She is engaging yet simple, and will inspire you to create a daily routine, beyond a work-out regimen, and into the self-discovery of managing the complex power dynamics of being in a physical body.  She is wholeheartedly dedicated to making an impact on people across nations and cultures and supporting the evolution of humanity with well-being technology to optimize the human experience. 

She has lived and taught worldwide including Virginia, New Mexico, Phoenix, Chicago, Colorado, Los Angeles, New York City, Jamaica, Brazil, Kenya, South Africa, France, Germany, & Holland.  You can follow her at


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