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Dr. Conrad Ulpindo is a nutrition education and obesity prevention advocate and health and wellness leader in Los Angeles. Dr. Conrad states, “Obesity rates in Los Angeles are above the national average and continues to increase. Our communities have been clamoring for the program implementation of intervention and support from local, state and federal government and community non-profit organization.”

He works in a variety of leadership positions as Project Liaison for the Los Angeles Department of Public Health Diseases Prevention Programs, University of Southern California HIV-AIDS Preventive Diseases and the Los Angeles Unified School District. Dr. Conrad is a tireless worker and a community leader who believes that the American Dream can only be achieved, if we are healthy and well. For several years, he has visited many of our schools, speaking and presenting to students, parents, teachers and communities across Los Angeles. He collaborates with a variety of organizations trying to maximize his efforts, to focus on health and wellness through education via prevention and intervention programs.

Many of his work is in prevention programs, that is…he works tirelessly to host many events that targets nutrition education by collaborating with teachers in articulating smart food choices at hundreds of our public schools, to educate our children on food, health and wellness and longevity. 

Note: His scholarly, academic and global work is obviously as equally impressive. He has earned several international scholarships to wit: Fulbright Scholarships in Japan (2004) and Germany (2006), South Korea Foundation Scholarship to Korea (2007), and Toyota International Research Program to South Africa (2011), and as a Rotary Foundation Scholar to the Republic of the Philippines (1987/88). He also has attended a variety of trainings and conferences at the London Leadership Centre, National College of School Leadership in Nottingham and at the Western Leadership Centre in Cambridge University. 


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