Cooking Class

Kids in the Kitchen: Brilliant Breakfast: Breakfast Breads


This class will be taught by Chef Jacques. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Chef Jacques  will show you how to make it the most delicious meal of the day too! Today, we’re focusing on delicious breakfast breads. You’ll whip up healthy pancakes, mini morning glory muffins and delicious scones. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the “muffin method and how to change up your recipes to include your favorite treats . This class is vegan , Gluten Free and is a drop-off class- kids only please! Pre-registration is required.

Kids in the Kitchen: Baking-


Many kids have a sweet tooth (or teeth!), and baking is a great way to learn reading, math, science and more in the kitchen! In this fun class, we’ll learn how to make some kid friendly baking classics. You’ll make your own  biscuits for delicious biscuit sandwiches, banana bread muffins, choose your own adventure scones, and whip up mini apple crumbles. You’ll learn all about ingredients and what many different baking terms like “cream”, “whip” and “sift” mean. This class is good for vegan kids. Classes are suitable for kids ages 5-12, and are drop off classes- kids only please! Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Please note that this class is longer than our usual Saturday classes, and that a main meal will not be served, though there will theoretically be plenty of treats to take home. Pre-registration is required.

Adult Caribbean Feast


You'll learn techniques for creating dishes so flavorful and satisfying, no one will ever miss the meat. We will walk you through the steps for sautéing vegetables, baking gratins and cooking polenta to creamy perfection. We'll show you how to mix, roll, shape and bake a flaky pie crust and share secrets for making a savory, autumn-inspired bread pudding. Look forward to a holiday indulgence.